Tinning Solution 125mL


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Internal Reference: TINNING.SOLUTION


Liquid Tin is a clear immersion tin designed and formulated to coat a copper substrate or solder deposit with a dense tin deposit. This deposit is readily solderable with a long shelf life. 

The tin deposit owes its outstanding corrosion protection to its dense coating and absence of co-deposited organics. Liquid Tin will clean solder deposits and render the surface active and bright, ensuring good solderability. 

It has the benefit of:

  • High metal concentration
  • Clear solution even at room temperature
  • Dense tin deposit, long shelf life
  • Residues are free rinsing
  • Very stable solution

SOLUTION MAKE-UP Liquid Tin is used at full strength and therefore requires no mixing or dilution 


  1. Clean board
  2. Rinse
  3. Liquid Tin
  4. Warm water rinse
  5. Deionized water rinse
  6. Dry

The treatment of solder-plated parts requires no pre-cleaner, except in cases of severe contamination of the surface. In these cases, an alkaline soak cleaner, an acid soak cleaner, or a proprietary solder cleaner may be used.