4-20mA Signal Generator (Current Generator)


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Internal Reference: KIT.SIGNAL.GEN.4.20MA

4-20mA signals are popular and have multiple uses. However testing and generating current signals from microcontrollers/PLC is difficult and requires complex circuits. This module can be used to generate a 4-20mA current signal. It comes with a knob to vary the signal and a display to view the current signal value. Useful for simulating sensor signals, testing 4-20ma circuits, calibrating microcontroller/PLC ADCs, etc.

4-20mA Signal Generator with Percentage Display Panel-mounted Current Loop Generator 4 to 20mA Simulator 4~20mA-LGPM (0-100% percentage display) About 0-100% Percentage display explanation:

  • When the output is 4mA----------------LCD displays 0.00
  • When the output is 8mA ---------------LCD displays 25.0
  • When the output is 12mA -------------LCD displays 50.0
  • When the output is 16mA -------------LCD displays 75.0
  • When the output is 20mA -------------LCD displays 100.0


  • 4-20mA adjustable output, output precision: 0.5%
  • 0.0-100.0 percentage LCD display with backlight.
  • Use an accurate encoder to adjust the output signal.
  • Have reverse polarity protection, no need to worry about damages to the meter.
  • Standard panel-mounted shell, easy to use or do integration

Technical Parameters

  • Output current: 3mA~21mA
  • Power supply voltage: 15V~30V
  • Sampling resistor: 10ohm ~ 500ohm
  • Display precision: 0.05mA
  • Output precision: +-0.5%
  • Size front: 79.5 x 42mmSize back: 72.5 x 39.5mm
  • Install panel (Panel cut-out size): 77 x 40mm
  • For different connections & technical data - see product photo gallery