WL8W Portable USB Soldering Iron Pen 5V 8W


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285.00 EGP 350.00 EGP

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Internal Reference: WL8W.USB


  1. Fully functioning USB-powered soldering iron.
  2. With rapid heat-up and instant recovery, you can work efficiently and quickly.
  3. Long life tip with a protective cap.
  4. The small tip makes it perfect for SMD work and other small soldering jobs.
  5. Lightweight and Portable, easy to maintain.


  • Sightly touching the metal point on the body of the soldering pen, then the LED light will be lightened up and job can be started.
  • It is ideal for that delicate, melting, softening, and reshaping jobs.
  • Indispensable tools are not only for radio enthusiasts but also for professionals.


  • Model: BT-8U
  • Color: Dark Blue
  • Input: USB 5V
  • Power: 8W
  • Highest Heating Temperature: 380-400
  • Heating Time: less than 15 seconds
  • Cooling Time: less than30 seconds
  • Auto Shut Off: 25 seconds idle
  • LED Indicator: Yes