Thumb Joystick 2 Axis Analog Output (SKU#SF9032)

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Internal Reference: SF9032


This is a joystick very similar to the 'analog' joysticks on PS2 (PlayStation 2) controllers. Directional movements are simply two potentiometers - one for each axis. Pots are ~10k each. This joystick also has a select button that is actuated when the joystick is pressed down. 


  • Two independent 10K potentiometers with common ground
  • Spring auto return to center
  • Comfortable cup-type knob
  • Switch
  • Connector: +5Vcc - GND - VRx - VRy – SW

Key Specifications

Power: 0.01W Interface: Dual 10K potentiometers with common ground Operating temp range: +32°F to +158°F (0°C to +70°C)

  • GND: ground
  • +5V: 5V DC
  • VRx: voltage proportional to X position
  • VRy: voltage proportional to Y position
  • SW: switch pushbutton