CO2 Sensor Analog Signal PR-3002-CO2-I20 - 0~10000PPM

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Internal Reference: SEN.CO2.10000PPM


Carbon dioxide sensor (CO2 sensor) for monitoring air quality. The carbon dioxide transmitter (CO2 sensor) response is rapid and sensitive with infrared verification technology for CO2 concentration measurement. This carbon dioxide sensor with reliable NDIR technology innovation and excellent quality control, adopts an ABS waterproof shell. It can not only filter the humidity in the environment but also ensure the normal circulation of gas. In severe weather such as dust, rain, and snow, the device can also work normally.


  • CO2 range 0-10000ppm
  • CO2 accuracy 0-10000ppm:+/- (50ppm+5% FS) (25 ℃) @ 400-10000ppm
  • Power supply 10-30V DC Power consumption 0.3W (24V DC)
  • Temperature measurement range -40~80 ℃ Temperature accuracy 0.5 ℃
  • Humidity measurement range 0~100% RH Humidity accuracy+/-3% RH
  • Working temperature -10~50 ℃ Working humidity 0% RH~80% RH
  • Stability<2% FS Nonlinear<1% FS
  • Data update time 2s, preheating time 2min (available), 10min (maximum accuracy)
  • Temperature influence comes with temperature compensation output signal: 4-20mA
  • Response time ≤ 30s, average current<85mA


Wide Range of Application: Great for agricultural planting, greenhouse, production warehouse, raw material processing, home interior, like living room bathroom, classroom, office, and any closed places. It can be put on the desk or hanging on the wall.


  1. Brown: + Power Supply
  2. Black: - Power Supply
  3. Blue: CO2 + Output
  4. Green: CO2 - Output