Gripper - Robot Mechanical Arm Aluminum Metal Claws

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Internal Reference: RO.CLAW.MKII


This is Robot Manipulator Mechanical Arm Metal claws. This kit is very useful to make a robotic arm which is used in many applications like move material from one place to another place (Weight not exceeding 500 gm). 

Note: The package does not contain any servo Motor you have to buy it Separately. 

Features :

  • Paw Maximum Opening Angle: 55mm (without expansion board when the maximum opening angle spacing of 55mm, the largest expansion board after the installation is 95mm)
  • The plank kit is very light
  • Compatible with our Servos (MG995/MG996/FS5103/...)


  • Degree of Freedom (DOF): 2
  • Paw Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Paw Weight: about 68gm (without motor)
  • Claw Overall Length: 108mm (overall maximum length when closed paw)
  • Claw Overall Width: 98mm (maximum overall width of the paw when open)
  • Paw Maximum Opening Angle:  55mm
  • Clamp Total Length: 108mm
  • Clamp Total Width: 98mm
  • Shipment Dimensions: 10 × 6 × 4 cm