VIVA mini - 4 Axis CNC Breakout Board

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Internal Reference: KIT.VIVA.MINI

General Description

VIVA mini is a complete buffered CNC breakout board. It supports up to 4 axes CNC machine control signals (pulse/direction for each axis). VIVA mini supports five inputs that can be configured for axes limits, homing emergency input switch, and probe for auto-zero Z axis. External input signals are optically isolated from the PC parallel port for safety. Output control signals (pulse and direction) should be optically isolated on the stepper motor driver. Two output relays are added for spindle and coolant control. VIVA mini provides a PWM output for controlling spindle speed. 

VIVA mini Features

  1. Completely supports MACH3 and any other soft tool that use LPT port.
  2. Wide input power supply range (11-24 DCV).
  3. 4 axes control signals (Pulse ”PUL” and Direction “DIR”) o X axis o Y axis o Z axis o A axis
  4.  Control signals are TTL compatible (10mA). For pin assignment and addressing refer to table1.
  5. Supports five external inputs.
  6. All inputs are optically isolated for safety.
  7. Two output relays for spindle and coolant control (3A maximum contact current).
  8. PWM output for controlling spindle speed.
  9. All outputs and inputs are brought out via pluggable screw clamp connector for flexibility.
  10. LED indicator for o Output relays “spindle”, “coolant” (RED LED). o Input power (Green LED).
  11. Dimension: 109 x 73 x 27 mm.


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