FPGA EP4CE6 Development Board ALTERA IV


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Internal Reference: KIT.FPGA.EP4CE

Altera Cyclone IV EP4CE6 FPGA Development Board NIOSII Core Board - Send Infrared Remote Controller Downloader 

Altera FPGA Development Board:

FPGA development board using Altera company Hurricane fourth generation development board, the chip is rich in resources, high utilization rate, rather than using QFP package, BGA package, so simple for beginners to learn, easy DIY error, test investigation. The chip pins are all led out, and various modules can be connected according to their requirements, the expansion is convenient and powerful. 

Performance configuration: 

  • The main chip: the ALTERA FPGA CycloneIV series EP4CE6E22C8N the fourth generation.
  • Storage configuration: onboard M25P16 large capacity storage chip 16Mbit, support JTAG/AS mode, onboard 64Mbit SDRAM, support SOPC, NIOSII development.
  • Download mode: JTAG download port, Download Sof files, download speed, but also curing, curing procedures, power loss is not lost.
  • Regulator chip: 1117-3.3V regulator chip, to provide 3.3V voltage output; 1117-1.2V voltage regulator chip to provide FPGA kernel voltage; 1117-2.5V regulator chip to provide PLL voltage.

Rich peripheral resources:

  • 4 independent buttons, buttons control, digital logic, basic experiments, etc.
  • 4-bit LED LED can be used for LED control, digital logic, basic experiments, and so on.
  • 4-bit code tube, frequency meter, stopwatch.
  • 4 position dial switch can be used for switch control and other experiments.
  • With 1X20 LCD screen row seat, support LCD1602, LCD12864, and TFT LCD screen.
  • Precision adjustable resistor to adjust LCD contrast.
  • 1 buzzer, audible, and music experiments can be done.
  • PS2 interface can do PS/2 keyboard experiment.
  • Temperature sensor chip LM75A can do thermometer experiments.
  • RS232 serial port can do serial communication experiments.
  • VGA interface, to do monitor experiments, and so on.
  • I2C serial EEPROM AT24C08, do IIC bus experiment.
  • Infrared receiving module.

Package includes:

  1. 1x Altera FPGA Development Board
  2. 1x Downloader
  3. 1x Infrared remote controller(No batteries )
  4. 1x USB line