Kit Eta32-BIG Atmel AVR USB Development System - Based on ATMEGA32

With a Full Set of Accessories (ESP01S + USBasp AVR Programmer + Power Adapter + Cables)

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Internal Reference: KIT.ETA32.BIG

General Description 

Eta32 kit is an AVR development board designed particularly for students, beginners and recently graduated engineers to provide easy development of AVR microcontroller projects. Eta32 supports ATMEGA32 microcontroller chip. Eta32 kit provides the most common primary devices and circuits, such as LCD, KEYPAD, serial interface, and more. Thus, it reduces time and effort in hardware design and test, hence, developer can focus his efforts on firmware development. 

All I/O pins are brought out via pin header for direct port access. Eta32 kit comes preprogrammed with UART bootloader, which eliminates the need for external burner where Hex code is downloaded using Eta Burner tool from FARESPCB Co. However, kit can be programmed using Arduino IDE (another bootloader). Also, standard 6 pin header socket is included (ICSP) for external programmers. 

Kit include:

  1. ETA32 Mainboard
  2. ESP01S Module
  3. USBasp AVR Programmer
  4. Power Adapter
  5. Cables