DIY Hydraulic Mechanical Arm

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Hydraulic Mechanical Arm Diy Models & Building Toy Science & Education Model Toy Wood material, eco-friendly and non-toxic, safe for use, Let the child understand how the robotic arm works, Cultivate children's ability to use both hands and brain, Allows children to experience the fun of DIY Hydraulic transmission is a kind of transmission mode that uses the pressurized liquid in the closed system to transfer motion and power. 

The mechanical energy is converted to the pressure energy of the liquid, and then the pressure energy of the liquid is converted to mechanical energy Push the piston rod of the cylinder by hand to transfer energy to water through the piston, Water pressure can be transferred to the mechanical arm through the piston rod of the small needle cylinder

  • Color: wood color
  • Material: Wooden
  • Size: 53*12*30 cm