PWM to Voltage Converter Module 0-100% to 0-10V (SKU#PWMV)

Converter PWM digital signal into 0 to 10V analog signal

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Internal Reference: KIT.ANALOG.PWM.TO.V

PWM to Voltage 0-100% to-10V Converter Module can convert PWM digital signals into 0 to 10V analog signals. This product can be used in the PLC or other industrial panel switch signal interface by adjusting the PWM duty ratios to adjust the output voltage. Module size is small, easy to apply in different places.


  • MCU embedded technology
  • Easy to use, finely tuned by potentiometer
  • Select the PWM signal input level range by short-circuiting
  • The module is smaller, easy to carry and use

Product Parameter:

  • Work Voltage: DC 12V-30V (> 100MA)
  • PWM Receiver Frequency: 1KHZ-3KHZ
  • PWM Signal Input level range:
    • The peak of 4.5V to 10V level. The short cap is installed in “5V”. This level is used for normal controllers or 5V MCU
    • The peak of 12V to 24V level, so inserted in 24V. The short cap install in ‘24V’. This level is used for normal PLC controller
  • Conversion Range: 0%-100% PWM to 0-10V
  • Allowable Error: 5%