UT682 Wire Tracker/Tone and Probe


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Internal Reference: AVO.UT682.UNIT

UT682 wire tracker consists of a transmitter and a receiver, it is able to track ethernet/telephone/power cables without opening their insulation. UT682 can troubleshoot ethernet cables and is a recommended tool for debugging communication cables and audio/video cables.


  • Telephone/ethernet/power cable tracking
  • DC level test, can check voltage level and polarity
  • Ethernet cable wiring sequence verification
  • Fast open/short circuit test
  • Volume adjustment
  • Headset connection for noisy environment
  • Dual measurement cycle mode
  • Low battery indication
Specifications Range   UT682
Wire tracking features Wire types   LAN cable\telephone line\coaxial cable\electric wire
  Indication light for signal strength  
  Live switchboard wire tracing  
  Switchboard wire tracing distance   ≥100m
  Telephone lines tracking distance   ≥3000m
  Unshielded cables tracking distance   ≥320m
  Shielded cables tracking distance   ≥320m
  Open and short circuit test  
  Polarity indication for DCV function, range:
  telelphone lines ±(5V~52V)  
  Telephone lines and LAN cables distinction Jacks distinction
  Broken wire tracking  
  Transmitter output voltage   ≥12V peak-peak
  Transmitter low battery indication   6.6V±0.5V
  Transmitter power supply 9V battery
  Max transmitter working current   25mA
  Headphone jack for receiver  
  Receiver power supply 9V battery
  Max receiver standby current ~10mA
  Max receiver operating current <40mA (AC, RMS)
Wire alignment Line sequence measurement 9 LEDs (LED1~LED8, LED_G)
  Line sequence measuring speed Fast and slow selectable
  LAN cable: shielded/unshielded indication  
Transmitter  input     52V DC
voltage protection      
Operating environment Operating temperature: 0~40℃; Storage temperature: -10~50℃    
  Operating humidity: 20~75%RH; Storage humidity: 10~90%RH; Altitude: ≤2000m    
General Characteristics      
Product Color Red and grey    
Product net weight UT682: Transmitter-125g, receiver-153g    
Product size UT682: Transmitter-125mm x 48mm x 28mm, receiver-195mm x 48mm x 30mm    
Standard accessories 9V battery x 2, RJ11 cable (UT682), RJ45 cable (UT682), RJ11 cable with alligator clips (UT682)    
Standard individual packing Blister (UT682), carrying bag (UT682), English manual