UT675A Battery Tester


With a built-in Printer & USB Communication
UNI-T Brand

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Internal Reference: AVO.UT675A.UNIT

UT675A battery tester can be used to analyze the battery health of automobile batteries, suitable for battery capacities from 3Ah to 250Ah. These CE certified testers can rapidly and accurately detect common faults caused by batteries. 

UT675A also includes USB communication and a built-in printer for report generation.


  • 12V cranking lead acid battery test
  • 12/24V charging or cranking system test
  • Display battery capacity, voltage, resistance, and life
  • Four-terminal Kelvin test
  • 10 types of battery standards
  • Language option (Chinese/English)
  • Test without battery disassembly
  • Print online and real-time test reports (UT675A)
  • USB data transfer (UT675A)
Specifications Range UT675A
Certificates CE, FCC, RoHS  
12V battery test 7~16V DC
12V/24V cranking system test 7~30V DC
12V/24V charging system test 7~30V DC
Battery type Ordinary lead acid battery, AGM flat plate battery, AGM spiral battery, GEL battery, EFB battery  
Battery capacity 3~250Ah
Battery standard and range CCA: 40~2000; BCI: 40~2000; CA: 40~2000; MCA: 40~2000; JIS: 26A17~245H52; DIN: 40~1400;  
  IEC: 40~1400; EN: 40~2000; SAE: 40~2000; AH: 3~250AH  
Over-voltage protection  
Reverse  connection protection  
A prompt of poor contact  
Battery status display  
Battery life display  
Battery capacity display  
Battery internal resistance display  
USB communication  
Printing function  
General Characteristics    
Power None, powered by an external source  
Display 128*64 black and white lattice  
Product net weight UT675A: 413g  
Product size UT675A: 95mm x 47mm x 183mm