Arduino Shield Working Area for NANO Project Board

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250.00 EGP

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A versatile kit for easy soldering components on a test board and building fast projects based on Arduino Nano. 

ARDUINO Project Kit with the following Features:

  • Built in male header to connect your Arduino NANO board to the Kit easily.
  • Female Headers for all Arduino NANO ports.
  • Terminals block for all ports of Arduino board.
  • Terminals block for Voltage I/P & O/P.
  • Output 5Vdc & GND from NANO lines to power your components.
  • Working Area with ordered output ports of Arduino NANO.
  • Easy for soldering any external component to your NANO (Holes same as breadboard) Also all ports of MCU are in order.
  • Dimension: 165 x 84

Note: the kit is without Arduino board