ADT-84UH - 2 Phase Stepper Motor Driver

Input 24~110 Vdc or 20~80Vac, Max Output Current 8.4A
Clone from DMA860

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3,250.00 EGP 4,500.00 EGP

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Internal Reference: ADT84UH


ADT-84UH is a high-performance digital step driver which is smooth and accurate with low noise, vibration, and low heat. It can match 2 phase 57mm and 86mm (NEMA23 & NEMA34) series stepper motors. It can be widely used in engraving machines, laser machines, packing machines, advertising machines, and other automatic equipment, etc.


  • 32 bit DSP control technology with low noise and vibration, more stable and cost-effective
  • 16 selectable resolutions, up to 25600 pulses/rev
  • Smoothing and accurate current control, effectively reduces motor heats
  • Pulse input frequency up to 300Kpps
  • After step pulse stops for 200ms, output current automatically halves to reduce motor’s heat
  • Excellent smoothness in low-frequency and high microstep applications
  • Photoelectric isolated signal input/output, high anti-interference ability
  • Current is adjustable (under 8.4A)
  • Input Voltage both AC and DC can be used, DC24V-DC110V, AC20V-AC80V
  • Over current, over voltage, low voltage protection, etc.

New Self-testing Mode: 

This mode is that you just flip driver switch SW11 and SW12 to ON position, the motor can run automatically at a fixed speed in two different directions, which is usually used to test the driver bad or good. In this mode, driver can transmit pulse itself, no need to receive pulse from PLC or SCM.