PC USB 13.56MHz Mifare Proximity Smart RFID IC Card Reader R20C


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Internal Reference: ACCESS.USB.13.56M

USB Port 13.56Mhz Mifare Card IC Card Reader USB Proximity Sensor Smart Card Reader HF IC MF reader 


  1. Diagnostic Power LED, waterproof, great small compact design
  2. Built-in operating buzzer, Easy usage, plug and play
  3. This is a card reader, card reader support. It does not support writing.
  4. Directly into the computer can use. You do not need to download the program.
  5. USB card issuer implements the serial number of the card directly to a computer via the USB port, users do not load when using any driver, no external power supply, the card issuer is connected to the computer USB port, card indicator alternates red and green until you hear even after the buzzer beeps twice, only the red light indicator shows, you can start card, credit card after the card number is displayed at the cursor location.
  6. Operating frequency: 13.56MHz
  7. Support Card: M1, S50, and S70 143A protocol card
  8. Reading distance: 0-30mm (depending on tag type)
  9. Working current: 100mA Indicator Lamp LED Indicator Lamp
  10. Physical Dimensions: 114mm × 68mm × 12mm
  11. Card format: Optional 8H10D (before 10), 6H10D, 6H8D, 2H3D + 4H5D (after 8), 10H, 8H, 6H, 4H5D+4H5D,
  12. Card reading time: < 100MS
  13. Card reading speed: 0.2S
  14. card reading distance: 0.5S
  15. Communication Interface: USB Interface
  16. Power-on mode: USB power-on
  17. Built-in horn buzzer, controllable LED, and buzzer
  18. output format: 10-bit 10-bit (other format consulting customer service)