TVPS1-63B 1-Phase 63A V/A ac Protector

Adjustable Over Under Voltage Protector

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Internal Reference: TVPS63.PROTECTOR.63A

63A 230V Adjustable Voltage Protector Auto Recover Over Under Voltage Monitor Protect Limit over Current Protection Relay 


  1. Over-voltage protection
  2. Under-voltage protection
  3. Over-current protection
  4. Automatic recovery
  5. Voltage display(voltage measurement)
  6. Current display (current measurement)

Product Parameters:

  • Model number: TVPS1-63B
  • Power supply:230VAC 50/60Hz
  • Max.Loading power: 1~63A Adjustable(default:63A)
  • Over-voltage protection value range: 230V~300~OFF (default:270V)
  • Over-voltage recovery voltage range: 225V--295V (default:250V)
  • Over-voltage protection action time: 0.1s~30s (default value:0.5s)
  • Over-voltage recovery delay time: 1s~500s(default:30s)
  • Under-voltage protection value range: 140V--210V --OFF(default:170V)
  • Under-voltage recovery voltage range: 145V--215V (default:190V)
  • Under-voltage protection action time: 0.1s~30s(default:0.5s)
  • Under-voltage recovery delay time: 1s~500s(default:30s)
  • Over-current adjustment range: 1-63A (default:40A)
  • Over-current action range: 0.1~30 second (default:0.5s)
  • Over-current recovery delay time: 1s~500s(default:30s)
  • Power-on delay time: 1s~500s(default:10s)
  • Power consumption: <2W
  • Electric machinery life: 100,000 times
  • Installation:35mm DIN rail

Noted: When you first connect the product, you have to wait about 10 seconds ( Power-on delay time:1 s~50 0s(default:10 s)), after the red light turns off, then the product will work.