XH-M604 Charging Control Module For 16-60V Battery Charging Control


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Internal Reference: KIT.XH.M604

This product is suitable for 6-60V battery charging control, and can be set free to start charging voltage and stop charging voltage! for example, set 12V to start to 15V and stop when the voltage is below 12V when the relay is closed to the charger charging voltage to the battery when the charge voltage is greater than 15V Relay off to stop charging, can be used in household chargers, solar panel battery charging control, wind turbines.


  • Function: Numerical control battery charging control module
  • Model: XH-M604
  • Input Voltage: DC 6-60V (max 80V)
  • Display Precision: 0.1V
  • Control Precision: 0.1V
  • Output Type: direct output
  • Voltage Tolerance: +/-0.1V
  • Application Fields: 6-60V storage battery
  • Size:81*54*18mm

Using Method:

1. Set the start voltage:
Normal display voltage state, press to a starting voltage button ,to display the start charging voltage. long Press the start button, digital flashes, by start and stop button, set the start charging voltage value.

2. Set Stop voltage:

Normal Voltage normal display mode, press to a Stop voltage button ,to display the Stop charging voltage. long Press the Stop button, digital flashes, by start and stop button, set the Stop charging voltage value.

3. Setting Error:

Energized state while holding down the start / stop button, digital display 888, which is the factory setting.