1X Spray Humidifier Driver Circuit Board


Fogger Atomization Film Module

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145.00 EGP

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Internal Reference: KIT.ATOMIZER.KIT.1X.5V

USB Mini Humidifier DIY Kits Mist Maker and Driver Circuit Board Fogger Atomization Film Atomizer Sheet Mini Oscillating


  • 100% brand new high-quality product, made of high-quality materials, compact in size, and easy to install.
  • Microporous physicochemical tablets: fine mist particles, large mist, high mist, wide coverage, and non-wetting tabletop.
  • Variety of functions: various sprays, adjustable fog amount, colorful gradual change lights, and regular shutdown.
  • High efficiency and stability, dynamic spray, long service life.
  • Wide application range: DIY self-made, plant moisturizing, and product application.

Module parameters:

  • Rated voltage: DC5V
  • Rated current: 300mA
  • Power: 1.5-2W
  • Resonant frequency: 108-110KHZ
  • Size: 35 x 19 x 1.2mm