4mm Banana Plug Silicone Wire 15A to Crocodile Alligator Clip Test Probe Cable - Red


1m cable length

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95.00 EGP

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مرجع داخلي: WIRE.ORG.AD38.RED

4mm Banana Terminals Wire with Crocodile end - 1m length It can be used with your Digital or Analog Multimeter as a probe for special measurements. 


  • The max width that alligator clips open is 10mm. 
  • Voltage: 1000V
  • Current:15A. 
  • Banana Plug: 4 mm. 
  • These banana plug leads are stackable. You can plug more than one banana plug into the same banana socket. Kinda like "piggybacking" connections.
  • Super flexible Cable.