AC 5A Current Sensor Module

Single-Phase Current Transformer

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75.00 EGP

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مرجع داخلي: KIT.CS.AC.5A


This sensor module allows your microcontroller to monitor AC Current drawn on a line. Simple Current Transformer with a 1000/1 ratio. Measures current up to 10A Max (5A nominal).

Onboard precision micro-current transformer. The module can measure AC currents less than 5A, the corresponding analog output 5A/5mA

  • Onboard precision micro-current transformer.
  • Onboard sampling resistor.
  • The module can be measured within 5 A alternating current (AC), the corresponding analog output 5 A/ 5 mA


  • Rated Input Current: 5A
  • Rated output current: 5mA
  • PCB size: 18.3 x17 (mm)
  • Linear range: 0 ~ 10A (100 ohms)
  • Linearity: 0.2%
  • Precision: 0.2
  • Uses Insulation Voltage: 3000 V Measure
  • Sealing material: epoxy resin
  • Operating temperature: -40 ℃~ + 70 ℃