UT890D+ True RMS Digital Multimeter


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مرجع داخلي: AVO.UT890D+.UNIT

The UT890 series 6000-count true RMS digital multimeters are designed with a large LCD display. The maximum measurable capacitance is 100mF, with a fast response time of less than 12s. 

The NCV and continuity measurement have acousto-optic indications. UT890D+ has a LIVE function for distinguishing between live and neutral wires. In addition, it is equipped with automatic fuse blown detection and high voltage protection.


  • Manual range/True RMS
  • Data hold/REL
  • Audible/visual alarm (NCV/continuity)
  • Current (AC/DC) mode memory
  • Low battery indication: ≤2.5V
  • NCV/hFE/Max/Min
  • Diode test/Continuity test
  • High voltage false detection: 1000Vrms
  • Over-current alarm: ≥20A
  • Auto power off/LCD backlight
Specification Range UT890D+
DC Voltage 600mV/6V/ 60V/600V/ 1000V ± (0.5%+2)
AC Voltage 6V/60V/ 600V/750V ± (0.8%+3)
ACV Frequency 10Hz~10kHz ±(0.1%+5)
DC Current 60uA//600uA/ 6mA/60mA/ 600mA/20A ± (0.8%+8)
AC Current 60uA/600uA/ 6mA/60mA/ 600mA/20A ± (1%+12)
Resistance 600Ω/6kΩ/ 60kΩ/600kΩ/ 6MΩ/60MΩ ± (0.8%+3)
Capacitor 6.000nF/ 60.00nF/ 600.0nF/ 6.000μF/  60.00μF/ 600.0μF/  6.000mF/ 60.00mF/ 100.0mF ± (3%+10)
Frequency 9.999Hz ~ 9.999MHz ± (1.0%+5)
Display Count   6000
Manual Range  
Diode Test  
Continuity Test  
True RMS  
Fuse blowing alarm  
Acousto-optic  indication (NCV / continuity)  
High voltage false detection 1000Vrms
Current (AC/DC) mode memory  
Over-current alarm ≥20A
Low Battery Indication ≤2.5V
Data Hold  
Max/Min V 、A
Auto  Power Off 15Min
Backlight 30s
Operation Temperature 0℃~40℃  
Safety CAT II 1000V /CAT III 600V  
General Characteristics    
Power 1.5V x 2  
Product Color Red and Gray  
Product Net Weight 346g  
Product Size 183mm x 88mm x 56mm  
Standard Individual Packing Gift Box, Manual