Crocodile Clip 70mm 30A Hand Medium Size (1 Piece Alligator)

30A Alligator Clips Clamps Terminal Test Electrical Crocodile Clamp

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The Crocodile Clip 70mm 30A is a durable and reliable electrical clip used for various applications. With a length of 70mm, it provides a secure connection for wires and cables. The clip is designed to handle up to 30A of current, making it suitable for medium to high-power electrical connections. Its crocodile-style jaws ensure a strong grip on the conductor, preventing any accidental disconnections. This clip is commonly used in automotive, electrical, and DIY projects where a temporary or semi-permanent electrical connection is needed.

Here are some features of a Crocodile Clip 70mm 30A:

  1. Size: 70mm in length
  2. Current rating: 30A
  3. Material: Typically made of metal for durability and conductivity
  4. Insulated handles: To provide safety and protection from electric shocks
  5. Spring-loaded jaws: To securely grip onto wires or terminals
  6. Versatile: Can be used for various electrical testing and connection applications
  7. Color-coded: Some crocodile clips come in different colors for easy identification
  8. Easy to use: Simply clip onto the desired connection point for quick and reliable testing

These features make the Crocodile Clip 70mm 30A a useful tool for electrical work and testing.