UPO1102CS UNI-T Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope 100MHz


With Serial bus trigger and hardware decoding
Equivalent Model for DS1102Z-E RIGOL

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Internal Reference: AVO.UPO1102CS.UNIT

This model is an Equivalent Model for DS1102Z-E RIGOL - check this comparison table (Click Here)

UPO1102CS is a multi-function, cost-effective digital phosphor oscilloscope. It can be widely used in the fields of electronic and electrical design, debugging, education, and industrial design. 

UPO1000CS series adopts parallel digital signal processing technology, which greatly improves the data processing speed and waveform capture rate. The original Ultra Phosphor technology can present the cumulative effect of the tested signal as a multi-layered afterglow. 

Compared with traditional digital storage oscilloscopes, the persistence of digital phosphor oscilloscopes can present three-dimensional waveform data of amplitude, time, and signal intensity. Fast Acquire technology can accurately capture abnormal events such as video, jitter, noise and runt signals. 

  • With Serial bus trigger and hardware decoding
  • WAVEFORM CAPTURE RATE: 500,000wfms/s

256 gray level display

The original Ultra Phosphor display technology is easy to obtain more waveform information and detailed observation.  

Ultra high capture rate

UPO1000CS series adopts innovative digital signal parallel processing technology. It has a very high capture rate in its peer products. Effectively reduce signal loss and help you better capture abnormal signals.

Deep storage depth

UPO1000CS series 56M sampling points per channel. This enables the oscilloscope to maintain high sampling rate in a wider time base range, At the same time considering the whole and details of the waveform, which greatly improves the ability to capture abnormal waveforms.    

Serial bus trigger and hardware decoding

Innovative hardware decoding realizes real-time decoding. The decoding speed with deep storage 56Mpts realizes the millisecond level, which solves the problem of long-time waiting for viewing decoded data. The decoding will not affect the refresh speed of the waveform, and the waveform has the effect of digital fluorescence display. The event list can display the decoded data with deep storage and the time of the packet. These improved technologies will help you better test the serial bus.


Signals with different clock sources and large frequency differences can also display the waveform stably on the screen, which is convenient for customers to analyze the waveform parameters.  

1Mpts FFT sampling point

UPO1000CS series has 1Mpts FFT sampling points. It can also set the practical functions of a spectrum analyzer such as frequency range, detection mode, and spectrum marking. It is convenient for you to analyze the signal in the frequency domain on the oscilloscope.  

Web Control

The oscilloscope can be connected and remotely controlled via the web page. Support PC and mobile phone dual platform operation.  This eliminates the need to install local programs, saving space and time.